Exclusive luxury villas for your holiday in Sardinia

  • Sculptures to live in

    Air, earth, water: inspiration is nature.
  • "The territory, the greatest richness of Sardinia, is the primary element of the project.
    The sculptures to be inhabited develop by adapting to the lines of the natural orography, which we wanted to preserve without interventions that alter the natural course of the land.
    Then there is the green. The green of the natural park and that of the greens. These places are a constant dialogue between the earth, the sky and the sea that is always seen in perspective, always present.
    We have created wonderful islands in a green sea, inserted here and there in this natural theater that is Is Molas, as small self-sufficient settlements, communities in which the inhabitants can exchange ideas, experiences, friendship and affections, sharing the life of each day and, above all, the time that today is our greatest wealth.
    After all, we do not build for ourselves, but we build for the human being. "

    M. Fuksas

    This is how Massimiliano Fuksas describes the "Sculptures to live in", the villas of Is Molas immersed in the wild nature of Southern Sardinia.

  • Villas

    A work of art that's unique in the world: your holiday home in Sardinia.
    Affitto Ville di Lusso in Sardegna
  • The Is Molas Resort by Fuksas villas for rent are not just luxury villas for your holiday in Sardinia. They are a set of experiences immersed in this island's wild nature, ingenious works of bio-architecture embellished with ancestral forms that recall the nuraghi, with contemporary and designer interiors.

    Located in the territory of Pula, a characteristic village half an hour's drive from Cagliari, the Villas are close to numerous archaeological sites, including the Nora archaeological park and the church of Sant'Efisio. The location is strategic to fully enjoy your holiday in Southern Sardinia: indeed, in a few minutes by car it is possible to reach some of the most beautiful beaches of the stretch of coast from Pula to Teulada.

    The exterior of the Villas is reminiscent of the elements of the earth while the interiors have been entirely designed by the genius of Doriana Fuksas, who wanted to create a strong contrast with the lines and bright colours of the fabrics, furnishings and finishes.

    The lamps, the fabrics, the compositions... the greatest of care has been taken over every detail to make these villas for rent unique in terms of their interior too. Slamp, Venini, and Moroso are just some of the brands that have collaborated in the realization of the furnishings of Fuksas Design, integrated into the four villas with a delicate touch.

    Treat yourself to the luxury of living in a sculpture and sketch out your daily life on holiday in a new way each day, thanks to the breadth of the open spaces and the functionality of the internal ones.
    Choose one of the 4 Villas for rent for your holiday at Is Molas Resort.

  • Villa Palas Is Molas affitto Sud Sardegna
  • 470 Sq.m.
    5 bedrooms
    6 bathrooms
    Pool 100 sq.m.

    Villa Palas

    Large and intimate like a private island.
  • Garden
    1.300 Sq.m.
    Indoor surface area
    470 Sq.m.
    Technical details

    “Sa Palas” is the red cloth and gold thread bodice that Sardinian women wear on special occasions to display their wealth and happiness. This is Villa Palas: beautiful, precious and embellished in every detail.

    Villa Palas is the largest of the Is Molas Resort Villas for rent: surrounded by a well-kept 1300 m2 garden, this luxury villa in Pula, Southern Sardinia, also offers a 100 m2 swimming pool and several outdoor patios, furnished terraces and relaxation corners.

    The complex is divided into 4 independent bodies. In the main building you will find the living area, the kitchen and two ensuite double bedrooms, one of which has direct access to the terrace. The other spaces host an ensuite double bedroom, 2 ensuite single bedrooms and a fitness room facing the swimming pool and the delightful garden.

    A stone's throw from the beautiful golf course of Is Molas and a few minutes from the enchanting beaches of Nora, Santa Margherita and Chia, Villa Palas can accommodate up to 8 people in the wonderful rooms furnished by Doriana Fuksas. A dream home to spend your holidays in Sardinia with family or friends in both summer and winter with plenty of outdoor activities, golf and water sports.

    For fine dining lovers, the private Chef will be available for enchanting dinners in the Villa under the moonlight, but there are also many restaurants in the area that offer the best Sardinian cuisine from land and sea.

    • Terrace di 200 Sq.m
    • Outside paved surface area of 800 sqm with a 450 sqm portico - ornamental pool (30 cm deep)
    • 100 m2 swimming pool (depth: min 0.90 m - max 1.65 m)
    • n. 5 bedrooms
    • n. 6 bathrooms
    • hobby / fitness room
  • Villa Luxi Is Molas Resort
  • 270 Sq.m.
    4 bedrooms
    4 bathroom
    Pool 60 Sq.m.

    Villa Luxi

    A new life begins, bathed in dazzling light.
  • Garden
    1.000 Sq.m.,
    Indoor surface area
    270 Sq.m.
    Technical details

    "Luxi" means "light" in Sardinian. The sound is sparkling, as though scintillating, like the beginning of a new and splendid life. A tribute to the transparency of the air and the colour of the sky that embraces it.

    Villa Luxi is a luxury villa with swimming pool and panoramic Jacuzzi on the Is Molas estate in Pula, south-west of Sardinia.
    The Villa is available for vacation rental and overlooks a wonderful private garden that includes greenery and beautiful relaxation spots, as well as a 60 m2 swimming pool.
    Villa Luxi can accommodate up to 6 people and is made up of two staggered sections joined by a 130 sqm terrace complete with a panoramic Jacuzzi. On the ground floor we find the dining room and the living room as well as two bedrooms, one double and one single, which share a bathroom.
    An internal wooden staircase leads to the upper floor where there are two bedrooms, each with a private bathroom.

    Staying in this villa and enjoying a holiday with family or friends is a journey through time and space towards the age-old soul of Sardinia.

    For sports lovers, the Is Molas complex also offers a 27-hole golf course with fantastic skyline overlooking the sea and all the services of a luxury resort including, upon reservation, the at-home Chef. Not far away are some of the most beautiful beaches in southern Sardinia such as Tuerredda, Acqua Durci and Cala Cipolla.

    • Terrace 130 sqm
    • Outside paved surface area of 300 sqm with a 120 sqm portico
    • Hydromassage panoramic pool 
    • 60 m2 swimming pool (depth: min 0.90 m - max 1.65 m)
    • n. 4 bedrooms
    • n. 4 bathrooms
  • Villa Nea Is Molas Resort
  • 280 Sq.m.
    3 bedrooms
    4 bathrooms
    Pool 40 Sq.m.

    Villa Nea

    A jewel to be discovered dawn after dawn.
  • Garden
    1.200 Sq.m.
    Indoor surface area
    280 Sq.m.
    Technical details

    Dawn, which is called "nea" in Sardinian, is the joy of renewing oneself from the early hours of the morning. And all of the Is Molas villas were created to contemplate the sunrise from their terraces.

    Villa Nea is a designer residence with a swimming pool in the prestigious Is Molas Resort, in Pula, Sardinia, a few km from Cagliari.

    This property, available for rent for your holidays in Sardinia, is located within a luxuriant garden of 1200 square meters, and consists of 2 floors, 3 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms. It can accommodate up to 6 people. On the ground floor is the living area with kitchen, dining room, living room, a study with bathroom and a double bedroom with private bathroom.

    Thanks to a large window it is in continuity with the surrounding nature. On the first floor there is a sleeping area, which can be reached from inside and outside, and consists of 2 double bedrooms each with a private bathroom. The rooms open onto a large, irregularly shaped 90 m2 terrace, complete with relaxation areas, offering a range of panoramic views.

    The delightful and intimate 40 m2 swimming pool and beautiful 395 sqm patio complete the property, embraced by the surrounding Mediterranean vegetation, areas that make Villa Nea a perfect place to contemplate nature and relax on holiday with family or friends.

    For sports lovers, the Is Molas complex also offers a 27-hole golf course with Club House and Golf Academy and all the services of a luxury resort including, upon reservation, the at-home Chef. Not far away are some of the most beautiful beaches in southern Sardinia such as Tuerredda, Acqua Durci and Cala Cipolla.

    • Terrace 90 Sqm
    • Portico  110 Sqm
    • 40 m2 swimming pool (depth: min 0.90 m - max 1.65 m)
    • n. 3 bedrooms + studio
    • n. 4 bathrooms
  • Villa Arenada Is Molas Resort
  • 200 Sq.m.
    2 bedrooms
    3 bathrooms
    Pool 40 Sq.m.

    Villa Arenada

    The most beautiful among the beautiful.
  • Garden
    1.000 Sq.m.
    Indoor surface area
    200 Sq.m.
    Technical details

    The Sardinian people call the pomegranate, the laughing fruit, “arenada”. For centuries it has been a symbol of happiness, embroidered on tablecloths and painted on antique ceramics. A small world to hold in your hands.

    Villa Arenada is considered a real gem among the luxury villa complex designed in Pula, in southern Sardinia, by the celebrity architect Massimiliano Fuksas.

    The layout of Villa Arenada includes a series of spaces ideal for a luxury holiday in total privacy, to be discovered one after the other.
    The ground floor consists of a large area which includes the kitchen, the glass-walled dining room and the master bedroom with en suite bathroom and a second bathroom.
    On the first floor there is a second bedroom with private bathroom and a spacious terrace with wellness area and Jacuzzi. The large glass doors on the ground floor can be opened becoming a larger area that allows guests to enjoy the most beautiful views of the sea and experience the indoor and outdoor areas as a single space.
    The outdoor area of the Villa Arenada is complete with a 40 m2 swimming pool.

    Located in the Pula region, Villa Arenada is close to numerous historical sites, including the Nora archaeological park and the church of Sant'Efisio. The Is Molas area is also a perfect place to discover the surprising southern part of Sardinia, among pristine beaches and coves surrounded by crystal clear waters, as well as shops, restaurants and the possibility of practising outdoor sports.

    The 27-hole golf course of Is Molas, which is famous all over the world, is also available to those who choose this Villa for their holiday in Sardinia, as well as all the services of the Resort including the at-home Chef for pleasant gourmet evenings in total privacy.

    • Terrace 90 Sqm
    • Portico 100 Sqm
    • Jacuzzi in Terrace 
    • 40 m2 swimming pool (depth: min 0.90 m - max 1.65 m)
    • n. 2 bedrooms
    • n. 3 bathrooms
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Our proposal for you

  • The Resort

    Uniqe. Intimate. Magic.
    Vista panoramica campo da golf
  • The Fuksas Villas, each with its own swimming pool, are located a few km from Pula within the Is Molas Resort estate: 500 hectares of luxuriant flora and fauna that host a 4-star hotel with swimming pool, a 27-hole golf course, a Club House, bars and restaurants.

    By choosing one of the Villas for your holiday in southern Sardinia you can take advantage of all the services of this exclusive Resort, first of all the splendid 27-hole golf course (18 holes PAR 72 and 9 holes PAR 36), considered among the most captivating and charming of the whole Mediterranean and a reference point for golf in Sardinia. Here you can book your tee time and play freely or take advantage of the lessons of the Golf Academy, and then relax in the "La 19" pool club on the side lines with a refreshing aperitif and good music.

    For lovers of good food, Chef Ivano Congiu awaits you with his gourmet dishes for a special dinner by the pool or in the elegant restaurants of the Resort. For an intimate and magical moment, you can also request the exclusive service of the at-home Chef and enjoy his best dishes under the stars in the gardens of your Villa.

    Our concierge is at your disposal to satisfy every request within the Resort as far as possible and offers activities and experiences throughout the territory of Cagliari and Pula. All you have to do is tell us what you like, relax and enjoy your wonderful holidays in Sardinia!


Taking care of your free time

  • Destination

    Mediterranean, traditions, art, culture and flavours. 
    Cagliari night view
  • Is Molas is located in a very strategic point in Southern Sardinia. In addition to the wild nature we have already talked about and the possibility of enjoying a holiday in total tranquility immersed in the scents and colors of the island, it is possible to look at different activities not strictly related to the beaches, which is why so many people are attracted to holidays in Sardinia.

    Not far from the Resort, just 5 minutes by car, the archaeological site of Nora is the setting for fantastic theater performances and poetry evenings such as "The night of the Poets".

    For those who prefer an adventure by the sea or simply want to make their holiday a 360-degree experience in the territory of the island, we often recommend mountain excursions that never disappoint the expectations of the most adventurous vacationers. Stroll among the holm oaks that populate the mountains behind Is Molas, climb to the top to enjoy the view of the sunset or go back to the beach, in time for an aperitif in the beach club waiting for the sun to go down and the sky to blaze.

    The holiday in Sardinia is always linked to the concept of sea, sun and beach but if you move from the coast to spend a day in the Sardinian hinterland or simply to visit what this land has to offer in addition to the kilometers of white sand, some destinations unmissable are the caves of Is Zuddas, Monte Vecchio with its industrial archeology of the old mining area, the nuraghi of Barumini, the slow journey of the green train from Mandas to the beautiful Orosei crossing the regions of Campidano, Barbagia and Ogliastra, passing through the plain, from the mountains to the sea on the literary footsteps of Lawrence.

    The experiences to be done in Sardinia far from the sea are many and all intense, but we like to think that even a simple glass of Vermentino by the pool, do yoga on the roofs of the sculptures to live in or eat freshly caught urchins on a boat in the middle of the sea, are the essence of the holiday that will never be forgotten.


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